Bilbao Pintxo Pictures from Bar Zuga, Berton and Cervecería Casco Viejo

It’s time to stare lovingly at your screen on desktop and mobile because I’m going all-in with some of Bilbao’s finest pintxos.

The first pintxo bar I visited on my trip through Basque Country was Bar Zuga located in the Plaza Nueva. Since my first night was a Sunday, a lot of bars in the square were closed. Then, the others that were open on Sunday were closed on Monday or Tuesday. I picked Zuga, tucked in the corner of the square, because it was the least crowded. I ended up getting a pintxo of rice and seafood with crusty bread.

pinxtos-bilbao-1 pinxtos-bilbao-2



Next on the list was the popular Berton, with three locations in the city. This was the bar that was featured on Spain … On the Road Again. When Gweynth Paltrow and the Spanish lady nobody remembers (Claudia Bassols) had a spa day, Mario Batali and Mark Bittman ate ham here. I skipped the spa and went right for the jamon and sidra combo as seen in the main image of this post.



Finally, I stumbled upon Cerveceria Casco Viejo when I was admiring Miguel Unamuno Plaza. There’s a photogenic stone stairway attached to the plaza. With the name Cerveceria and boasting of the hamburger, I couldn’t pass this up. This little patty of goodness went perfect with the local La Salve beer. Then, the croquette on top of jamon on bread was artfully presented. Not sure what the green stick was.

pinxtos-bilbao-4 pinxtos-bilbao-5

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