Beer Voyage: Bosphorus Brewing Company in Istanbul

Brew pub in Istanbul? Yes, a brew pub in Istanbul. I go where the beer flows.

My visit to Turkey was back in 2013 after the mass protests and tear gassing in April. Even if shit was going to get real again, it won’t separate me for a little beer adventure.

As far as my research showed at the time, the Bosphorus Brewing Company was the lone craft brewery in town. It’s location in the

Bosphorus Brewing Company

The house brews are your usual selection — IPA, pale ales, red ale and pilsner. They had only been around for a year when I visited, so I’m sure they’ve expanded their repertoire since then. I got the sampler with the fish and chips dinner. I figure I get in some local fish before I dig into the local cuisine the rest of my stay. For a place that’s in a city without beer drinkers, the beer was surprisingly okay.

My local friends whom I was visiting loved B.B.C. because it was the few places you can get a decent beer. Efes and Bomonti are your standard cheap choices and tastes as bland as the name suggests.

The clientele were mostly English, which led to my presumption that this was a place for ex-pats and company outings. You can rest assure that there won’t be a language barrier if you go.

If anything, B.B.C. signifies the progressive nature of Istanbul. It’s a city where East meet West and tradition battles against modernity.

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