News! I Got a Job in Travel Making a Website and Video Network, Travel Savvy TV

I’ve been meaning to write here to my 30-40 daily visitors (you gotta start somewhere) that I got a job for an upstart travel website and video network. At the beginning of the month, I became the site director of We’re a small, but ambitious operation hoping to provide useful and entertaining travel videos for viewers like you.

The website is a work-in-progress and will evolve throughout the year. The video network is live and running on your AppleTV and Roku devices. Just search for Travel Savvy and you’ll see a decent collection of 40-50 videos that we’ve produced already.

Hosted by ourselves and experts like George Motz of Travel Channel and Hambuger America, Iron Chef Judy Joo and Shark Tank‘s Lori Cheek, they videos give advice, tips and recommendations on where to go, eat and stay in cities around the world. We also have a travel news and deals round-up series that we will do on a regular basis.

In the next month, we’re releasing a 20-30 videos and in the process of filming more.

The question you’re probably asking, “Hey, jerk. You get to travel?” Eventually, but I still have plenty to do in New York before I head off to our Los Angeles office sometime next month. I wish I left Friday to beat this blizzard.

The other question, “Hey, doofus. Do we have to look at you?” Hopefully not, nobody needs to see me. I’m a behind-the-scenes type of guy.

It’s a monumental task to bring up a new website and digital network in a crowded marketplace. My goal is that we get a seat at the table with Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Matador Network, etc. Travel Savvy was a magazine in the 90s-00s that became a digital magazine and now a video entity.

The excitement for me is that I get to use years of travel experience to help build something that people can use, and I get paid! I’ll post some of the content we’ve released on here along with my usual writing. Everybody wins!

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