Get Your Ass On A Plane Because It’s The Cheapest In Three Years

If there’s ever a time to say, “Thanks, Obama!” it’s now. The flight fare app, which uses data driven research to let users know when to get low airfares, estimates that this winter will see a new three-year low in domestic travel. The average round-trip flight in the U.S. will cost $210.

Pass by a gas station and you can fill in the blanks on why airfare is so cheap. Fuel is bitch-ass cheap. It’s more expensive to fill up your tank will milk than gasoline. Fuel is at a 10-year low at $1.01 a gallon.

The bad news is that that flight you were hoping would be empty and that you can have a whole row by yourself will probably be full. I would suggest going to your happy place for five hours on the cross-country flight.

In terms of where to go to get that big price drop this month, it’s Honolulu where you can see a 20% decline. Go west my friend.

Case in point, when I went to San Diego last year from Newark. It was $301 round trip in January. I gather it would less a year letter.

It’s another reason why you should travel in the off-seasons of the Winter and Fall. I just never understand going to a warm destination in the summertime. For some, travel can be escape from your daily lives or weather situation.

What better time then going to the opposite climate from the rest of your friends. One of the best parts of traveling is rubbing it in your friends face how sunny and warm it is where you are while they are freezing their ass off.

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