I Sent Postcards From Sevilla in October and They Still Haven’t Been Delivered

In our instant gratification digital age, there’s a nostalgic, romantic quality about sending a postcard. As somebody who loves vintage design and showing off to my friends that I’m in a foreign land while they are stuck at work, I decided to send some postcards.

I bought the postcards based on the recipient’s taste like car racing, architecture, art, animals, sports and castles. Most souvenir shop will carry postcard stamps for a Euro or you can ask your hotel to delivered them for you.

yellow-post-box-plaza-de-santa-cruz-seville-spainAfter writing something sarcastic and witty in my horrible penmanship, I applied the stamp and sent them to London, Germany and back home to New Jersey when I was in Sevilla. That was in mid-October.

It’s now almost mid-January and they haven’t gotten to any of those places. I even sent one to myself. Unless the mail box I put the cards in was actually a rubbish bin, I think something is a wrong here.

I don’t know whom to blame, the Spanish post office or the U.S. In a time where the postal service is loosing billions of tax payer dollars, you’d think they’d make a bit of effort to mail a piece of cardboard.

Is it that hard? They can just throw it in with rest of the crap going to America, Germany and England.  Then, those countries to take it from there.

The question remains, will the postcards make it to their destinations. Will they…

a) Get delivered this month

b) Get delivered in February or March

d) Get delivered in the spring

e) Get delivered in the summer

f) Never get delivered

Give it a try next time you travel and see if they get delivered in a timely matter.

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