The Food Truck Scene in Bilbao on a Sunday Night

One minute you are on an evening walk with pintxos on your mind, the next your confronted with gleaming food trucks offering all sorts of goodness. Pintxos vs. Food Trucks. Decisions, decisions.

On my first night in Bilbao, a Sunday night, I was walking along Campo de Volantin towards Ernesto Erkoreka Plaza when I saw crowds lining up for food trucks. Everything looked and smelled amazing. My mind was saying “Pinxtos, Pinxtos, Pinxtos. Oh shit. Hot dogs, burgers, grilled meats.” It was extremely tempting looking at the menus, even though I couldn’t read what they were selling since it was in Basque.

If I was a local, I would be hitting this place up as often as I can, but since I’m a dopey traveler, I need to forge forward to Casco Viejo and Plaza Nueva and take in more traditional Basque eats. I didn’t come all the way to Bilbao to eat out of a truck. I can do that in any city in America.

Here’s what I saw:








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