Where I Stayed in Cape Town — Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel

Recounting my accommodations on my month long journey, I focus on Cape Town and the Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel, also listed as Three Cities Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel & Spa.

Before I get into the reasoning on picking this hotel, let set the scene when I checked into my room. I opened the door to my room on the 6th floor and had a momentary panic set in. Greeting me was a long halfway into a full-sized apartment. There were two bedrooms (one with a king sized bed, another with two full beds), two full bathrooms, a fully outfitted kitchen with dining table and a living room with two couches. “This has gotta be a mistake. Should I check to see if this is the right room?”

I looked at my confirmation print out and did the conversation again. It was around $80 a night with taxes included. I eventually checked my credit card and I was not over-charged. So I was going to be living large in an apartment for four nights. Too bad it was just me. It could fit a family of four. I didn’t have enough stuff to spread out.

Again, travel in South Africa is so cheap and that goes for accommodations as well. I was debating whether to stay downtown with a short walking distance to BoKaap and the main drag of hip eaters and bars on Bree Street or opt for the hipsterville area of Woodstock. Downtown is much more convenient to the main sights, but keep your head of a swivel because there are lot of homeless at night. I did get followed a few times while being begged. There’s a lot of security around but if you feel things are not right around the place you’re at, just call up an Uber even if it’s five blocks away.

As for the hotel amenities, there are three eateries on the ground floor and a decent pool with a view of Table Mountain on the roof. On the 99 degree day, that pool was such a relief. The staff was a major help in booking my wine tour and when I didn’t have the correct electrical plug adapter for South Africa.

It’s a definite five star rating. It’s ranked 48 out of 105 on TripAdvisor with 4.5 stars.

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