Beer Voyage — Devil’s Peak Brewing Company in Cape Town

Since I returned, I had to convince my craft beer crew about the scene in Cape Town. The city and Western Cape is  best known as a wine destination. In fact, when you past passport control at the airport, you are greeted with a sign that says, “Welcome to the Wine Capital of the World!” The folks in Napa Valley I’m sure will snicker at that.

In any event, the 40+ craft breweries in the Western Cape converge into Cape Town with its burgeoning food scene. In the center is Devil’s Peak Brewing Company in Woodstock. It’s the lone brewery that is also a full-service restaurant.

Woodstock is the “cool part” of Cape Town, meaning it was once the dangerous, warehouse strewn area that has turned itself around and become an epicenter of artists, shops, restaurants, bars, a hip hotel and the famous Neighbourgoods Market. Again, what’s wrong with gentrification?

Devil’s Peak occupies a two-story warehouse, with the taproom on the top floor. As you can see in the photo, it’s a large space with a bar and outdoor terrace where you can look at an empty street. The day I went was when it was 99 degree high, so I welcomed the open space.

As for the beer, it’s legit. I drank my way through all the taps through flights and tasters. As I mentioned previously, drinking and eating in South Africa is deliciously cheap. Eight 3-4 oz. tasters, duck sliders and tip costs me $13.

Here’s what I had:

  • Cold War Stout — Russian Imperial Sout
  • Black IPA
  • Imperial IPA
  • Woodhead — Red Ale
  • American Pale Ale
  • The King’s Blockhouse — American IPA
  • Lager
  • First Light Golden Ale

There are few other craft breweries in the area that I didn’t have a chance to visit like Woodstock Brewery and Garagista Beer Co.


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