Where I Stayed in Casablanca — Hôtel Club Val d’Anfa

Recounting my accommodations on my month long journey, after living it up in Marrakesh I took a train to Casablanca. For me, this was just a long layover of two nights before my long journey to South Africa. I just needed a place to reboot for a day, do laundry in the sink and explore the city on the one full day I had.

Casablanca is a sprawling city where the major transport hubs are spread out around. The airport is a good 30-40 minutes from city center, so no matter where I stayed, it wasn’t going to be near the major attractions. Thus, I picked the area along the beach front figuring it would away from the congested and crowded city center. The sunset over the ocean helped as well.

I didn’t do much research into finding a hotel because they all looked the same in the beachfront area. Hôtel Club Val d’Anfa was cheap at $75 a night via Expedia, had a pool, free WiFi and bar/lounge. I didn’t need anything more than that.

The hotel itself was fine. It’s a little on the old school side with elevators that can fit two people at a time. The interiors could use a little sprucing up. It doesn’t help that it smells of cigarette smoke everywhere because Morocco is not a smoke-free country.

The room I got was huge but it was really weird. I’ve never encountered anything like this. The toilet was in a closet-like room away from the bathroom near the room entrance. So the bathroom is a shower, tub, sink and bidet. No place in there to take a tinkle or drop a deuce. Thus, when I did my business. I had no place to wash my hands right there. I had to walk over to the bathroom to wash and touch doorknobs with dirty hands. There has to be an explanation for this from a structural and plumbing standpoint where they couldn’t fit a toilet in the bathroom.

You do great fresh fruit and Moroccan treats in your room, which I gobbled up. My room faced the traffic circle outside, so just close the windows and you won’t hear a thing.

On TripAdvisor, it’s ranked 8 out of 72 with 4 stars, which seems about right, maybe 3.5 with the cigarette smell. The only reason to stay longer than 2 nights in Casablanca is if you are on a business trip.

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