Where I Stayed In Sevilla — Meliá Sevilla

Recounting my accommodations on my month long journey, I turn to my favorite city on my itinerary, Sevilla. It was just one of those cities that you instantly fall in love with when you walk around the cathedral. I got that same feeling the first time I went to Vienna. Its like, “Yeah, you and I are going to get along just fine.”

I’ve stayed at a Meliá hotel before in Shanghai. The whole place just radiates cool, classy, great amenities and facilities and impeccable service. Likewise, Meliá Sevilla lived up to my experience in Shanghai.

There were other similar accommodations in Sevilla that were closer to the city center, the over-riding factor was that the Melia was five minutes from the bus station and directly across from the Plaza de España, the landmark I’ve been wanting to visit since I became a traveler.

Although it’s a good 20-minute walk to get to the main attraction like the Cathedral, and 30 minutes to get the local tapas joints, you going to pass some great parks and buildings that will catch your eye.

This will was my favorite bargain on my trip because even though it’s a reasonable $70-$80 a night, I cashed in my free Hotels.com night. Hotels.com has the best user interface, but it’s not always the best price. When it is the best overall price, I say to go with them because the “10 night, get 1 free offer” is the best bargain in hotel booking. Thus, my stay at Melia was a steal.

The hotel has spa facilities including a pool with an amazing view of the Plaza de Espana. I was expecting warm temperatures in mid-October, but it was on the cool side most days so I couldn’t utilize it. The lobby is pretty fancy with lots of modern art and leads to the back bar which I did utilize.

The single room is the largest I had on my travels in Spain. The shower I call the “sex shower”. It’s like a large open room with that rain shower effect. I won’t go more into detail.

Finally, the staff helped me out in printing out some documents and sending some postcards.

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