Where I Stayed In San Sebastian — Hotel Zenit San Sebastian

Recounting my accommodations on my month long journey, I turn to the culinary mecca of San Sebastian. My rule with planning a trip — skimp on transportation, splurge on hotels.

While my guidelines were to keep my budget under $100 a night, have a modern, stylish hotel and have a prime location, sometimes you have to sacrifice one of these. The closer you get to the main area of San Sebastian by the beach, the more expensive the hotels get. Thus, I knew that my stay at Hotel Zenit San Sebastian would include a lot of walking.

The location was great in terms of it’s proximity to the bus depot, which was a 5-7 minute walk. That made it easy from getting in from Bilbao and my day trip to Pamplona. To get out, I took a cab to the train station, which is a 12-minute drive.

It is a good 25-30 minute walk to get to the beach and the cluster of pintxo bars and the like. The walk is manageable, it’s just not very exciting. You won’t be passing anything of note, just a few residential blocks and small businesses. It will 15 minutes until you get into some better bars along Reyes Catolicos.

Hotel Zenit was a great price for some super stylish surroundings and a lovely hotel bar. I tried to book the nearby Hotel Astoria 7 which looked like a hip hotel as well, but couldn’t get a decent price. Zenit, ranked 13 of 50 on TripAdvisor, was an excellent alternative. The room suited all my needs, no complaints at all. I’m giving it 5 stars.

3 thoughts on “Where I Stayed In San Sebastian — Hotel Zenit San Sebastian

    • It’s a great city for food and drink people. That’s the main attraction. Even for the budget conscious, those Michelin-star restaurants are just a fraction of the great food, and the locals don’t go to them. Beyond that, there’s not much in terms of sights/attractions. There’s the beach, the funicular to Monte Igueldo and San Telmo museum.


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