El Tabernaculo in Granada Will Fill You With the Power of Christ and Grilled Meats

If you ever want to feel Catholic guilt and sinful gluttony in the same place then El Tabernaculo in Granada is your destination. As I called it on Instagram, “It’s as if Christ and the Virgin Mary puked religious souvenirs all over the walls.”

The religious kitsch overload won’t hinder your enjoyment of eating delightful tapas and cheap local wine. What might hurt is the tight quarters and low ceilings. One turn around and you can be knocking over a tall Jesus candle.


If the place looks familiar, it’s because it was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. If you think this was some local place for those in the know, think again.

It’s right in heart of the city on Calle Navas among dozen of tapas bars and right across from the popular Los Diamantes. You can’t miss it, probably because you smell the church incense and grilled meatballs wafting through the streets.


Feel free to study the walls and point at the hundreds of images of Christ and the Virgin Mary. This bar and my visit to Bar Garlochí in Sevilla makes you think that something in Andalucia likes to poke fun at Semana Santa and religious paraphernalia.

I felt like I should have added something to the walls like a small velvet Jesus or Buddy Jesus from Kevin Smith’s Dogma.


While you do get a free tapa with your drink purchase, it won’t fill you up. It’s be a piece of ham on crusty bread. When you see the skewers of marinated beef and poultry waiting for you, you’ll pony up for something more substantial.

Basically, El Tabernaculo will have you thinking, “What Would Jesus Order?’


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