What’s It Like in Brussels During Lockdown — A Report from the Frontline

Brussels is a great city to visit. All of their stereotypes are positives — frites, chocolate, beer, mussles, waffles and the Smurfs. As my local friend said, “It’s like Paris without the French.”

Unfortunately, it’s not a good time to visit and soak in the local flavor in wake of the Paris attacks. As you’ve seen in the news, the Eurozone capital is on the hunt for suspects as intelligence points to another calculated attack. Public transport, shops and point of interests have been shut down and people are urged to stay in shelter for a third day to post cats on social media.

Which bring me to my best friend and designer of my graphics, Wright. Him and his wife were in Brussels for the weekend to sight-see. Damn the terrorists, right? They didn’t get to see much. They are back home safe as of tonight.

He has a couple of reports on his weekend of Brussels Lockdown on his video series, A Fish on the Dry.

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