The Power & The Glory — My Favorite Bar in Cape Town

One of my suggestions or guidelines I follow when I travel is try go to the same bar or pub twice. If you enjoyed the place, you felt welcomed, the beer, wine or spirit selection was to your satisfaction and if felt that if you lived in that city, you would become a regular, than you should go again.

The Power & The Glory was definitely a place I’d go at every chance if I lived n Cape Town. The people I met the first night in the city all said it was their favorite local place. One asked me, “How did you find out about it? Was it featured somewhere?” as if she was worried that it wouldn’t be there local hangout anymore and get too crowded.

Simple answer. I looked up craft beer bars in Cape Town and The Power & The Glory came up constantly. My pocket guide from *Wallpaper also gave it high marks in the design department.


The located on the corner Kloof Nek and Burnside Road, it’s a 15-minute walk from downtown’s Long Street and situated in a somewhat upscale neighborhood. At night, the open windows provide for some people watching and cool breezes off of Table Mountain.

The cafe portion of the space is more coffee, dessert, light sandwiches, but the main draw for me was the oversized hot dogs. I was expecting some dainty weiner with some toppings, but this sucker was a man’s meal.

The small bar area satisfied all my local craft beer needs. I would go down the bottle list and proclaim, “I’ve never heard of it, but I want that. I’ve never heard of it, but I want that.  I’ve never heard of it, but I want that.” We’re talking Devil’s Peak, And Union, Darling, Napier, Birkenhead and Boston (not of the Samuel Adams variety).

If that’s not your thing, then their wine list will impress. After my winery tour, I had my fill of Shiraz.


The second time I went to meet up with my new friends I met the first night is when I was glad I stood my “go to a bar multiple times” idea. Bartenders appreciate the repeat business and sometimes give you a sneaky shot on the house.

I asked the bartender if the place gets a lot of tourists, she said, “Yeah, all the time.” Dammit. It’s been ruined!


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