Casa Vizcaíno Is The Most Glorious Dive Bar in Sevilla

Dive bars make the world go round. It makes being an alcoholic so enjoyable. Let me re-phrase that, it makes being an alcohol aficionado fun.

Thus, Casa Vizcaíno is such a place that you hopes survives well after we have left this earth. The decor is non-nondescript. The drink and food won’t impress anybody. If it changed in any way than we are screwed as a society.


Located a tad off the beaten path in Plaza de Montesión, Casa Vizcaíno thrill is that there is no thrills. The boisterous crowd spills out onto the plaza, making it a perfect place to meet up with friends or to make new ones. You’re going for atmosphere and to mingle with the locals, not for a high-brow culinary experience.

Your options are limited, being that there’s no visible menu. There’s the house vermouth poured out of cloudy bottle with no label, white wine, red wine or the local mass-produced beer Cruzcampo on tap.

To eat, hope you like olives or lupines because that’s all they have. If there’s another secret menu, I didn’t see it.


If you order two drinks, you’ll get the olives. Ask for a third, you’ll get the lupins. The bartenders will write your tally in chalk on the bar. If you go outside, there’s sort of an honor system that you’ll pay before you leave, so don’t be a jerk and pay up. It’s 1.20 euro for a beer.

I never had lupins before, which are pickled beans in a shell. You either pick them out with your fingers or in your mouth. And where do you places your shells? On the floor with your dirty napkins.

That’s right, it’s perfectly normal to throw your used items on the floor. Some places put buckets on or below the bar. Just look around to see if you see them.


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