South Africa Mourns As Rugby Team Loses To New Zealand in World Cup

Saturday was a big day for sports in Cape Town. The national rugby team were set to play New Zealand in the World Cup semifinals. I saw Invictus, I know how much rugby means to this country.

My Uber driver who took me to the Old Biscuit Mill for the Saturday Neighborgoods Market was jazzed for the 5pm start. I thought the market closing at 2pm showed that the city is serious about its rugby. Then I realized that the market always closes at 2pm. I guess Cape Town hasn’t heard of prime retailing hours.

In any event, I watched some World Cup while I was in London, and could figure out some of the rules. It’s a lot of lateral tosses back, scrums and grown men chewing each other’s ear off. It’s very homoerotic.

On my way to Weinhaus and Biergarten on the popular Bree Street in the city’s center, the streets were already empty and you can see folks piling into bars and pubs similar to Super Bowl in America. This was going to be one big celebration if South Africa won.

South Africa didn’t win, they lost to the reigning champions 20-18, which I believe is a close score. Let’s face it, this win for New Zealand is the best news the country has had since Peter Jackson announced that The Hobbit would be three movies instead of two.

I was expecting an electric atmosphere at Biergarten, but it was rather civilized. No chants or cheers like “Here we go Africa! Here we go! Clap! Clap!” When the match was over, people filtered out and I continued to sample the many craft beers on tap and in bottles while holding court with some Afrikaners.

Turns out that attitude was “Yeah, we lost, but life goes on.” Juxtapose that with America. When an American sports’ fan’s team loses, you’d think somebody murdered their child and life is not worth living.

W&B is a great social spot with a large outdoor area with grill. I highly endorse their chicken wings. They give you a bowl of water because they are so sticky good you need it to wash your hands right there.



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