Patisserie Bennis in Casablanca Fulfills All Your Moroccan Treat Dreams

You should be eating these lovely treats right now, but you are not. Those treats won’t eat themselves. Get over here!

Pâtisserie Bennis is Casablanca’s most famous bakery, turning out scrumptious little Moroccan goodies since the 1930s. Located in the Habous section of the city, four generations of bakers turn out hundreds of sheets of treats a day.


Here in Morocco, it is customary for people to serve their guests mint tea and treats. When I got to my Riad in Marrakesh, I was served with an assortment of treats. In my hotel here in Casablanca, I had a plate waiting for me.

Thus, I had to snag a box for myself, and taste the best of the best.


First off, the bakery and the Habous area are not centrally located, you’ve got a good 30-35 minute walk from the city center. Then, Google maps has the location wrong. They have the address of the actual bakery, not the store front to buy them. See the picture above. It’s 20 yards down the streets towards the heart of Habous.

You walk through a narrow hallway to get to the main room. As I discovered, there’s no counter or display cases. That got me confused. “Where the eff do I give you my money?” I thought to myself.


You want the room directly in front of you where the door is usually closed. They just close it to keep the cookies from the outside world.

In French, just ask for one small box (une petite boîte), or just make a box shape with your hands. It will cost you 90MAD ($9.50), cash only. The guy will throw in a dozen varieties of treats, mostly notably the crescent shaped almond cookie scented with orange flour water and cinnamon. It’s their most popular and they will gladly give you a free taste. They go through 7,000 of those bad boys a day and all are made by hand.


You get about 30 treats in the box, and they are staring at me as I type this. They won’t last when I leave tomorrow. Each one has a unique texture and just the right size for snacking. My kingdom for some mint tea so I can wash these down.

If you are with a group and can’t help but want to eat them right there, just take your package to the nearby square or to Isesco Park, which is a five-minute walk away. You can feed your crumbs to the stray cats.


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