Cordoba’s Mezquita is a Mecca for Travel Photographers


Today was a day trip over to Cordoba to visit the church turned mosque turned back to a church Mezquita or Cathedral of Córdoba. In the 1500s, it was the center of Western Islam in Europe. It’s history is long and sorted as the structure itself.

If you are an amateur or professional photography, the Mezquita will dazzle you at every angle. You can bring a DSLR, a point & shoot or your phone, and you will not get tried of every detail the area has to off. I bought a new point & shoot and tested about all its many featured. More on that later.


Mezquita and it’s 600+ columns of red and white bricks give you plenty of opportunity to bring out the hidden photographer in you. Sure, the structure that has been well-photographed, but it has millions of tiny details, lighting and angles that you can discover on your own. I spent two and a half hours in there and took 300 photographs. Some wide and vast, some focused and intimate.

Since I didn’t want to be photographing the whole, I spent an hour working with my camera. I then put it away. Took a seat to rest and Read on the structure and its history in a guide book. Then, I did many laps so I can just look at everything and absorb it.

More on Mezquita and tips and pointers on Cordoba later. Just follow me on Instagram @chriscastellani to get up-to-date tom foolery.


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