How to Skip the Line at Seville Cathedral and Avoid Waiting for an Hour with Idiot Tourists


I’m going to save you at least 30 minutes to an hour on your visit to Sevilla, whether you’re on a day trip from Madrid or staying for many nights like me.

First off, the Cathedral is the the third largest Church in the world, but first in terms of square footage.  No. 1 being St. Peter’s in Vatican City and St. Paul’s in London. Sevillians like to think it’s the first in both categories, as well as the most beautiful in the world.

Impressive, no doubt. I spent two hours inside and couldn’t believe how much there was to gawk at. Most beautiful? Well, I was enamored with Notre Dame in Paris and the Duomo in Florence so let’s agree that there’s no overall Most Beautiful Church in the World. No need to have a phallus measuring match here.


Inside is the remains of Christopher Columbus, time, history and science might support and deny that, but his body has been transported more times than an United States Postal Service lost parcel. If Sevillians say it’s his remains, let them have it.

There’s also the largest alter in the world, nearly 60 feet-high and can be seen inside through a gate. It’s took 80 years to build it, and there’s just no words to describe it. Just think that the people who built it had little technology at there disposal to build it. Also, they wouldn’t live to see it completed.

In any event, here’s how you skip the queue, which was about 100-125 people deep this afternoon and it won’t cost you anything or a few euros more:

  • Visit the Church of the Savoir first. It’s at Plaza del Salvador. Buy a combination ticket for 9. It will get you into that church and the Cathedral.

Do not stand in the big line by the main entrance. You take your receipt and you go to the group entrance at the Cathedral by the tower. It’s actually at the end at the courtyard.  Don’t stand in the group line either, just go right up to the turnstile, show your receipt and the man or woman with let you right through. Don’t feel like you are cutting in line. You paid already.

Boom, you just saved an hour in line. My fixers in Sevilla told me this and I saved me at least 30-45 minutes in line and the Church of the Savoir is very much worth a 20-30 minute visit.

A hardfast guideline when you see the long ass line — most of the time there’s a way around it. Those people are tourists who don’t do research. You are a traveler and know how to bypass such stupidity.


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