Chocolate Con Churros Showdown in Granada — Café Fútbol v. Gran Cafe Bib-Rambla

Chocolate Con Churros

It’s the Granada version of Pat’s Steaks vs. Gino’s Steaks in Philadelphia, Lafayette Coney Island vs. American Coney Island in Detroit or Cheers vs. Gary’s Old Town Tavern in fictionalized Boston.

The two places generally recognized as the places for Chocolate Con Churros, the long, donut-like stick you dip in gooey melted chocolate and praise the Gods that it exists, in Granada are Gran Cafe at Bib Rambla and Café Fútbol in Plaza Mariana Pineda. The two are within a seven-minute walk.

The good news is that you try can both in the same morning if you are adventurous. The bad news is that if you pick allegiances, you’ll like likely get into an argument with a resident over their preference.

Both are old school cafes that have been around longer than you and I and will be after we depart this earth. Since they are popular with everyone, it’s mass chaos at both joints.

The first one I visited first was Gran Cafe, which is pictured above. I sat at the counter inside since I wanted to get in and out. With a large outdoor seating, you’ll hear waiters scream out orders and sit next to an old men regulars reading the daily newspaper. All this activity at 10am comes after a night of drinking. It’s good times.

The churros are much different looking then what I’ve had in Madrid, Pamplona and America. Those has ridges that you associate with churros. The churros served in Gran Cafe are smooth and larger, often spilling over the side of the plate.

The chocolate itself was thick and oozes off your spoon like pudding. You get four large churros to scoop it up with. It’s damn delightful.

After that, I headed over to Café Fútbol which is larger, more polished old school but more active. It shows it’s probably the most popular place for chocolate con churros.

Here you get six big ass churros with a chocolate. Mine was a little watery and not as a chocolately thick as Gran Cafe. The churros had a delightful crispy crackle when you bite into them.

Both cafes were jammed with salty locals and tourists. You’ll have to be patient since there is an organized chaos to their work. The waiters will be in their zone,  ignoring your attempts to order or pay up. It’s not bad or rude service, it’s just the way they operate in trying to serve 30 diners in a three minute period.

In the end, my vote goes to Gran Cafe for the fact that the chocolate is more my preference as thick rather than a drinking chocolate. Definitely, Café Fútbol has more counter space and the churro itself is more substantial, but the chocolate con churro experience is all about the chocolate. The interior of Gran Cafe looks untouched while Café Fútbol looks like it was updated but made to look classic.

I encourage to do what I did and do both in the same morning, maybe every day in your stay in Granada … not that I did that whatsoever.


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