First Impressions of San Sebastian-Donostia


It’s a glorious day here in San Sebastian-Donostia. When I checked the weather last week, it was suppose to be in the high 70s-low 80s. Now, it will be in the 60s. I can do that.

It’s a quick and cheap bus ride from Bilboa to San Sebastian through rolling green hills. I feasted on some cheese from La Quasaria. “Have cheese will travel” is what I always say.

In walking to the sea from my hotel, I realized the difference between here and Bilbao. San Sebastian reminds me of Lisbon where they like their old things. Bilbao has great modern buildings and vast public spaces. San Sebastian is a crusty old guy that sticks to tradition.

I’m glad I choose to visit both cities. You almost can’t go to one and not the other. It’s like going to Orlando and just going to Disney World without visiting Universal Studios.

There’s a lot of explore and eat here, so enough writing. Let’s pintxo the night away.

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