How To Pack Like a Man and a Woman — Shirts, Pants and Jackets Edition


You are seeing four long sleeve shirts, four pants (two jeans, one khaki, one linen), three t-shirts, one sports jacket, one swim truck and one scarf in a 19″ x 13″ x 4″ large packing cube. Boom! Mic drop!

You too can accomplish this amazing feat in packing. As with my post about t-shirts, undies and socks, there’s no universal correct way in folding and packing. If you are use to one way, try looking into alternatives.

Here’s how I did my packing. The ultimate goal was to maximize space, while realizing clothes will get wrinkled. Mankind can only accomplish so much.

For the shirts, I did a modification from the below video from a Hong Kong tailor. He basically shows you how shirts are packed and shipped flat. At the end, instead of folding, I just rolled from the bottom.

I’ve looked at many pants and jeans folding videos, and what they fail to show is that come in different fabrics and styles. There’s not much give especially with my hard selvidge jeans, so I just do a tight roll. Jeans will take up the most space in your suitcase.

Finally, the sportscoat or jacket, like shirts, will wrinkle no matter how careful you roll. I’m bringing two, so I’ll wear one on the plane, the other I’ll pack. The turning inside and threading one sleeve into another is legit.

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