Consider This — Foam Insulation Padding and Canvas Bags


I’m glad to say this little travel trick I came up on my own.

Your luggage is going to take beating after you leave it at baggage drop-off. Like cows at a slaughter house, you don’t want to see what it goes through. If you plan on buying bottles of booze or something that can break, you can put in-between your smelly clothes. I find that’s really cumbersome and problematic.

What I do is pack foam insulation in my suitcase. What you see above is made for air conditioner wall units. It adds no weight or room and is a simple solution.  The best part — it’s mega-cheap to buy at Home Depot ($1 for two squares, $2 for a thick strip) and you cut to fit your needs. You can also use acoustic insulation, so find your local musician and rip if off the walls of his home studio. Add in some big rubber bands and you have peace of mind for your fragiles.

The other simple travel trick I’d like to share is the many canvas bags you have lying around. If you go to an arts and crafts fair, a fourth of the stands will feature screen printed canvas bags sold by some tattooed hipster chick.


I bring one canvas bag as seen above and use it as a shoe bag. Then I’ll put that bag in my everyday shoulder bag when I’m sightseeing, shopping or what have you. If my bag gets too full from purchases, I have the canvas bag as a back-up. Again, it adds no room or weight


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