Anthony Bourdain’s Planned Bourdain Market Sounds Like Bullshit

anthony bourdainOfficial word came today in the New York Times about the long-rumored food market from Anthony Bourdian. Get your eyeballs ready … it will be called Bourdain Market. Start rolling those eyes as much as you can.

“Think of an Asian night market,” he said. “Eating and drinking at midnight.”

Twice in the article he mentioned authenticity. “I’m particularly concerned with the atmospherics, the authenticity, the smell and feel and sound of the place.”

You know who also says something like that? Theme parks in Orlando.

For a person who hosts the most popular travel show on TV, you’d think he would encourage people to get on a plane to find authenticity. People need discover their own version of “authenticity” instead of from a celeb chef who’s out to make big bucks. Get ready t0 pay $15-$20 for soup.

The whole point of having a great food when traveling is the locals and surroundings. At this place, you’re going to be next to tourists and the brunch-core crowd with strollers.

When I’m in Spain next months, I’m going to be eating in bars in centuries old surrounding. At this place, we’ll get to look over the water to New Jersey or onto the West Side Highway. I’m sure it will be fascinating.

You know where you can get great authentic ramen? Japan

You know where you can great Hong Kong street food? Hong Kong

The chicken and rice he boasts about in Singapore? Yeah, Singapore.

As a lot of the commenters pointed out in the story, you can just hop on the no. 7 subway and head into Queens for foods made by cooks from all parts of the world.

I love your show, Tony, but you’re not any different from the Food Network shills you loathe.




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