Zurich Is The Place To Be If You’re A Baller, Bucharest If You’re a Cheap-Ass


If you’re thinking of throwing down some major paper on your next vacation, you should consider Zurich. The UBS Group AG, which is based in Zurich, released their findings of the costliest cities to visit and live. Z-town tops the lists followed by their neighbors in Geneva, who host a lovely convention. New York creeps in at No 3. It will be No. 1 soon once all the bros and chicks in finance, millennials and hipsters get priced out by Russia billionaires and Starbucks.

Here’s a fun graphic from Bloomberg, that shows that it costs $3,600 for family of four to live in the Swiss city … and that doesn’t include housing. That’s a lot for chocolate, watches, cheese and neutrality.

bloomberg-graphIf you’re passing through Zurich, it can cost you $1,000 a day for two people. To give you a sampling of the costs of a hotel, here are rates of the Top 10 rated hotels on TripAdvisor: $880, $696, $402, $764, $785, $565, $824, $552, $242 and $712.

For us pleebs on a more modest budget, I’d suggest we camp out in the back alley of a five-star hotel.

bloomberg-graph2No worries. The budget minded should be flocking to lovely Bucharest, where the No. 1 rated hotel on TripAdvisor is $97 a night. That’s more like it. We can visit the world’s biggest parliament building and eat stuffed cabbage.

The irony here is that prostitution is legal in both Zurich and Bucharest. You’ll just get more bang for your buck in Bucharest. You’re welcome.


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