Man Pees Everywhere on JetBlue Flight, U.S. Servicemen Nowhere to Be Found

peeing-passengerIn today’s episode of Idiot Passengers, a 27-year old man flying JetBlue from Anchorage to Portland stood up and peed between the seats 30 minutes before landing. He then lost his balance, fell backwards and continued to pee upwards, spraying fellow passengers like a Wham-o Fun Fountain.

If only the U.S. servicemen who stopped that terror attack in Europe were there to tackle him. Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos  … those peed-on passengers needed your bravery.

So many angles to discuss on this story. First off, the man, Jeff Rubin as seen above, does look like a man who would pee on another person and enjoy it. He’s smiling in his mug shot for God’s sake.

Reading through all of the articles, not much is known about the guy beyond that he was asleep most of the flight. You can assume he got blackout drunk at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The thing about drinking at airports is that’s pretty expensive.

Looking at the airport’s facilities, there’s a Chili’s, a Silver Gulch Brewing Co. and a few generic bar/restaurants. A simple draft beer with put you back $9. To get so wasted, you have to put down a good four and five drinks mixed with some hard liquor.

If I was one of those passengers who all of sudden felt a warm liquid on me, I would probably be in shock at first. Then, a choke hold would be in order. Now, I have to see if flight insurance covers such things as being peed on.

Finally, I feel awful for the flight crew, who I’m sure don’t get training on when a passenger starts peeing or defecating on others. Bodily fluid prevention training would make many reconsider a career in airplane services.

Meanwhile, for Throwback Thursday, the Wham-O Fun Foundation.

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