Marrakesh and Casablanca in Morocco — My Next Destinations


The Why Am I Not There? train rolls on down south for the next cities on the October tour. That’s not true, I’m flying down from Seville. The whole go to Gibraltar and take a ferry to Tangiers is for dopey tourists groups.

Another bucket list city off the list will be Marrakesh. It’s a good first step into North African culture. As I mentioned with Spain, I wanted this journey to be colorful from a visual and atmosphere stand point. The city is filled with red, shades of browns, greens and yellows colliding in front of your eyes. In between the colors are locals selling you everything you don’t need. I’ll probably be a victim of that.


From what I’ve read, Marrakesh is a shoppers paradise, which is going to be dangerous for my wallet if it isn’t stolen by the time I get there. I don’t have a set goal of what I’m looking for, but I just know I’m going to leave with a leather work bag to go with the three other leather work bags I own. Then there are the spice which I’m sure will not explode in suitcase whatsoever.

I’ll save this for another post, but I spend probably five hours looking through 1,188 registered riads in the city. Against my usual modern chic hotel in the cool hipster neighborhood, I’m staying in the medina for four nights.

As for the food, I’ll have to be like Andrew Zimmern the Bizarre Foods guy and eat snail soup or camel testicle sandwiches. Obviously, I’ll have to drink my body mass in mint tea.


If I make it out of Marrakesh without an international incident, unlike Jimmy Stewart in The Men Who Knew Too Much, I’ll get on a three-hour train to Morocco’s large city and economic hub, Casablanca. It’s going to be more of a long layover of two nights, so maybe I’ll see if the 36 Hours in Casablanca by the NY Times is possible. They could have at least factored in some beach time.

As the video points out, the movie Casablanca never filmed in the city. Never the less, ten years ago, a few American’s opened up a Rick’s Cafe in the city. I’ll have a drink, but I’m not eating there. At least I’ll know one place that will have a decent cocktail.

You do have to admit the Hassan II Mosque looks worth the trip. It’s Africa’s largest mosque and open to the non-worshiping Muslims.

Six nights total in Morocco. Let’s do this!

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