Seville, Granada and Cordoba in Andalusia — My Next Destination


Continuing on the future exploits of this newbie travel blog. After venturing through Basque Country, I’ll heading south to Andalusia. Seville/Sevilla is the impetus for the trip for the stunning architecture and surrounding landscape. It’s been on my bucket list of world cities to visit.

Being half-Hispanic, I can trace my genealogy from Puerto Rico back to Southern Spain and the Spanish Muslims, better known as the Moops.

Bubble Boy: “Moops? Let me see that. That’s not moops you jerk, it’s Moors. It’s a misprint.”
George: “I’m sorry the card says MOOPS.”
Bubble Boy: “It doesn’t matter. It’s the moors. There’s no moops.”
George: “Moors!”

Yeah, I’m going travel 4,000 miles just to make moops jokes. I think it will be worth it.

Being a Star Wars fan, I’ve always wanted to visit a location from the film, and Tunisia is too hot and dangerous for my liking. As you recognize, Plaza de España doubled as Naboo in Episode II: Why Did We Cast Hayden Christensen.

Another one of my favorite films is Lawrence of Arabia, which also featured the Plaza as well as the Alfonso XIII Hotel, El Casino and  Casa de Pilatos. Just to rattled off other important movies and TV shot in Spain, you have Game of Thrones, The Dictator, 1492, Kingdom of Heaven and Reds.

Obviously, there will be drink and tapas as far as the eye can see. I’m debating on attending the bull fighting. Sometimes I don’t know whether to cheer for the bull or the matador.


Before all this, I’ll start in Granada for three nights. Getting from San Sebastian to Granada … I’m trying to figure that out. There’s no direct train. I’m mostly using the city as a base to see the Alhambra in town and take a day trip up to Cordoba to wonder at the Medina Azahara.

In Granada, I do want to walk around and find the Tablaos or Gypsy caves to see some live music and dance. On the other hand, the gypsies can be pushy and touchy-feely for your wallet and bags.

In all, I have a full week in Southern Spain which is plenty of time to get a sense of the area. Originally, I was going to head to east to Valencia and Majorca and then head south. I’d just rather do 13 days in four cities rather than 13 days in six cities. Half the time, I would be traveling. I’ve never been a big fan of doing two nights here and there because you never get settled and you feel rushed to cram in everything. At that point, you’re just going to these cities just to say that you’ve been there.

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