Budapest’s Keleti Station Has Become a Refugee Camp

BudapestKeletiStationFor two nights in the row, Budapest’s major train station, Keleti, have become a makeshift refugee camp as authorities have closed the station to prevent 3,000 people from journeying to other countries.

From the BBC:

With tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa on the move through Europe, the EU’s member states are struggling to agree a common policy for dealing with the crisis.

It’s one of those situations where world events affects your travels and adventures, the mass exodus from war-torn Syria and Afghanistan has placed thousands of refugees throughout Europe. Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Germany are seeing an influx of families.

Keleti is a gorgeous station that dates back to 1884 where you’ll more than likely travel into if you’re taking the train around Europe. I was there in November traveling in from Munich via Vienna. Those are two of the cities that the refugees are trying travel to and where those cities are trying to stem the tide.

It’s also the station where you can take the train to the airport. I would advise to take a taxi instead.

If you’re visiting the city, I can imagine seeing the situation outside the station would be an eye-open experience. Just don’t take a damn selfie with the refugees in the background.

Here’s a video report on life outside of Keleti:

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