Atlanta Remains The World’s Busiest Airport, Yet I’ve Never Been There

Phuket, Thailand - April 27, 2011: Crowds of people waiting at the airline check in counters at Phuket airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is still the world’s busiest airport for the 17th year running with 96 million passengers passing through their gates. Wear it with pride ATL.

Airports Council International released their 2014 edition of the World Airport Traffic Report. The finding validates that passenger traffic increased 5% despite an Ebola outbreak, economic uncertainty and stupid people doing stupid things on planes like live tweeting, bringing”therapy dogs” and crapping up the toilet.

Here’s the Top 10:

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
  2. Beijing Capital International
  3. London Heathrow
  4. Tokyo Haneda
  5. Los Angeles International
  6. Dubai International
  7. Chicago O’Hare
  8. Paris Charles de Gaulle
  9. Dallas-Fort Worth International
  10. Hong Kong International

You notice that none of the three major New York City airports (JFK, LaGuarida or Newark) don’t crack the top ten? It shows that having multiple large airports eases congestion and gives flyers options.

I have no good reason why I haven’t been to HOTlanta, which is the hub for Delta. It’s the same reason I give on why I’ve never been Canada or Mexico — it’s just not exotic enough for me.

The only other airport I haven’t been to on the list is Dubai … for now … stay tuned!

For such a great, stylish and sunny city, Los Angeles has a depressing airport. Like LaGuardia, it needs a major overall in design and amenities. Most of the time you see it in the news is if a celebrity is walking out being hounded by photographers.

Tokyo has the most impressive rail system in and out of the city. It whips you into central Tokyo with ease and speed.

Hong Kong International is basically one giant mall connected by an interlocking rail system. I had to take two different monorails when I landed to get to passport control and baggage claim. Then flying out, the duty-free shops spanned over three levels. Shopping is a sport in Hong Kong.

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