Now’s The Time To See The Indiana Jones Exhibit Because The Kids Are Back In School

Indiana JonesIt’s back to school for the kids this week, which means we can reclaim our country. It’s safe for adults without kids (a.k.a. happy people) to venture outside to enjoy the beach, parks and the museums.

20150808_135422So head on down to Washington, D.C. and the National Geographic Museum for the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology. If you go in the next two weeks, you can even avoid the terror that are school day trips.

The Indiana Jones Exhibit follows in the footsteps of other traveling films exhibits like Star Wars, Pixar, Avengers and the current Hunger Games exhibit in New York. Under the guise of education, these exhibits showcases props and behind the scenes footage with real world historical context. Obviously at the end, you can buy some branded merchandising crap.

20150808_143935Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie of all time, so I was game for this visit. You get a tablet and headphones where you punch in the numbers next to display to hear background on the prop, some behind-the-scenes trivia and scenes from the movie.

Between the movies you have displays and artifacts from real-life archaeologists from the late 19th Century and early 20th century. Unfortunately, they did not run from huge stone balls, witness hearts being ripped our of people’s rib cages, escape nuclear blasts in refrigerators or get autographs from Adolf Hitler. You’ll also see footage from current National Geographic expeditions into digs around the world.

What I enjoyed the most was the background on the real Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the Sankara Stones. No one actually knows where the Ark is, it could have been in destroyed in Jerusalem during the Siege of 587 or the Babylonians could have taken it away and put it on eBay.

Unfortunately, you have to suffer through  Shia LaBeouf and Indiana Jones and The Kingdom the Crystal Skull.  Shia LaBeouf himself is not actually in the exhibit with a bag over his head.

The exhibit is on now until January 3rd. It was previously in Montreal, Sana Ana, CA, Ft. Worth, TX and Valencia, Spain.

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