In Osaka, There’s a Museum Exhibit That’s Full of Shit



I think it was Pink Floyd who sang, “All in all, we’re just another poop in the toilet.”

No visit to Japan is complete without experiencing the wonderful, crazy weirdness of their society. If you find yourself in Osaka, Toilet!? – Human Waste & Earth’s Future at Miraikan: The National Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation  should be factored into your itinerary.

First off, Toilet!? should be the name of the worst hipster experimental band from Brooklyn. Second, this is so awesome that this proves that there’s no boundaries in the Japanese imagination.

The description:

This exhibition focuses on the “toilet”, a topic not usually talked about openly. Studying from such topics as like the problem of feces and the environment, this exhibition will try to discover what the environment-friendly toilet is and what the ideal toilet is.

I saw the exhibit in a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the host talked about his new hi-tech toilet. Indeed, the toilets in Japan talk to you, you can adjust the water temperature and spray radius of the bidet feature, have heated seats and the lid will open on command like it’s praising you like a god. At my hotel, I spent 15 minutes sitting on the toilet playing with all the buttons.

As you can see in this video, children wear poop hats and slide down a over-sized toilet. Yup, you’re kids can get shit-faced in the exhibit.

They get to learn all about their bowels and what happens to their waste once they leave their body. This is what we need to teach our children during potty training.

I just hope they don’t make the museum smell of poop.

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