You Can Now Get VD in Taipei — That’s Voodoo Donuts You Pervs


The American icon known as Voodoo Donut is expanding to Asia. Their first foreign outpost has opened in Taipei with plans to open more shops in Taiwan and Japan. Those west of the Rockies are outraged. The jerks waiting for a cronut at Dominique Ansel throw their hands up in disgust because they’d rather wait two hours in line for donuts instead.

“We get calls all the time from all over the world and Asia was calling a lot,” said Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson to the Oregoneon. This is true. Asia loves our wild donuts with bacon and breakfast cereal mixed with sexual double entendres.

For those of us in New York, we love Doughnut Plant, the Lower East Side donut paradise. When I went to Yokohama, I stepped off the shinkansen to see a beautiful Doughnut Plant store. Not only that, it was next to a Bubby’s. Yes, the popular Manhattan pie and brunch place. There are nine Doughnut Plant Japan locations to three in NYC, while Bubby’s Japan has seven restaurants to NYC’s two.

While VD is an essential Portland institution, do you think like I do that all the new outposts is going to diminish the brand and make the original outpost to be not that special? I worry, then I think of the pillowy goodness being accessible to new customer base. The world should be eating donuts made from peanut butter, marshmallows, jelly and other sorts of sugary confections.

You think of Katz Deli in NYC, Pat’s Steaks in Philadelphia or Franklin BBQ in Austin. What makes those places specials is that it becomes a destination and a reason to visit those cities. If you could get them anywhere, then why go to the original places.

Think about that while I dream of donuts.

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