Who’s Creepier? Hotels.com’s Capt. Obvious or the Trivago Guy


Looking at Hotels.com’s Captain Obvious and Trivago’s Creepy Guy makes me yearn for the days when Telly Savalas pimped for Diners Club.

A group of executives from both companies decided that these two would be the face of their websites. I guess the “Will Scare Little Children” factor didn’t play into their market research.

Brandon Moynihan is the actor who plays the Captain. He lacks the sense of joy that you would get from another Captain. His name is Crunch and you Brandon are no captain. The commercials try way to hard to be irreverent. For about 90% less, the company could hire a slew of YouTube comedy troupes to create something more humorous. The current ad with the chunky kid dancing like a spazz is a new level of annoyance.

German-based, American-born actor-musician Tim Williams is the Trivago guy. It makes sense since the company is based in Germany. Using the site makes you wonder why you’re not on Kayak.com. If you’re seeing the commercial, it’s usually on late at night on the lesser cable channels. The odd presentation of a disheveled, gravelly-voiced spokesperson does create some interest, just not in a positive way. Does he need to clear his throat? Could he use a bath? Could they bother to put him in some brighter colors?

7 thoughts on “Who’s Creepier? Hotels.com’s Capt. Obvious or the Trivago Guy

  1. Tim Williams is the greatest jerk and the ultimate creep, many of us believe so (google blogs). Time to get rid of the creep. Don’t use Trivago and switch TV channel if his add is on. We have to hit them at their pocket.


  2. Trivago should use the UK’s Trivago Girl. Much better in the roll. Guess they were worried the US would see it as sexist.


  3. Both of these men should not be representing any product, they both emit creepiness and definately will never use either advertised product. You have really hit an all time low using these disgusting people and the comment “does someone want to floss me” is an ultimate low life comment, cannot believe it hasnt been taken off the air.


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