You Want To Bathe in Coffee, Wine, Sake and Green Tea? Head to Japan


I love coffee.  I love wine. I love green tea. Sake? Hmmmm, it’s not my cup of tea. While enjoying these liquids, never have I thought that I want my genitalia, butt crack and anus surrounded in these fluids. Well, I guess the people of Japan are more adventurous than me.

A train ride from Tokyo will take you to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Resort where, yes, you can bath in red wine, coffee, sake and green tea while sipping red wine, coffee, sake and green tea. The peeing in the pool jokes just write themselves.

When I went to Tokyo, the bath experience was a confusing experience, mainly because of the lack of English and English-speaking staff. With this spa, I’m sure they get questions like, “Is this safe?”, “Can I do multiple soaks?” and “WTF?”

Looking at the video, the beverages just look like colored water. “The sake promises anti-aging benefits,” says the video. Bullshit just called, it says, “bullshit.”

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