With the Iran Nuclear Deal, We Should Travel to Tehran and Look For A Good Time


A quick read over the world headlines from the past week shows that the U.S. has brokered a nuclear deal with Iran that will last ten years. Since we have a democrat president, the opposition right are spouting outrage and our certain nuclear annihilation from Iran.

Now let’s juxtapose this with our new diplomatic relations with Cuba. Again, President Obama lifts the ban and the opposition spout outrage and certain death from Havana.

This begs the question, have senators and representatives who are against these acts ever been to Tehran or Havana? Clearly, U.S. politicians have connections to get tourist visas easily and can go on fact-finding missions on our tax dollar for themselves.

Americans are flocking to Havana and soon there will be a steady tourist economy for Cuba. Before you know it, they’ll be a Hard Rock Cafe and Hooters in Havana.

But what about Tehran? My thought is that maybe some politicians, and even you and me, can take a trip out there and see what’s it’s like. More importantly, where’s the party at?


Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky Rick Steves did his show in Iran, as well as potty mouth jetsetter Anthony Bourdian. Both came back alive and had great and surprising experiences. What both agreed on was how friendly the locals were to them while the government can be oppressive. I would think the major reason for not going to Iran would be being detained at the airport.

A quick search comes up with stories and videos on nightlife in Tehran. It’s not Tel Aviv or Beirut in terms of a high-caliber booze and dance parties, since drinking, nightclubs and PDA is prohibited. There are plenty of friendly people and good eats to be had.

I think it would be a fascinating journey to take and to experience. If only I could get my own travel show that could fund the trip and get me a guide.

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