Raleigh Beer Garden Boasts 366 Taps — It’s a Dream Come True and Your Worst Nightmare

raleigh-tap-roomThere’s a reason why I called this blog Why Am I Not There? 366 tap lines in the same building! Why the eff am I not in Raleigh, NC running around like Homer Simpson in the land of chocolate? I would open my mouth and walk underneath the taps while they are on.

The Raleigh Beer Garden opened this week boasting the largest tap line in the world.  U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!  Your move Germany.

The ground floor features 144 lines from North Carolina brewers while upstairs will be the other 222 taps. If they don’t have the beer you want, it doesn’t exist. You can check their website for updates. God help the person who has to update this.

The complex’s top floor is a cocktail lounge while outside has vast space to enjoy your beverage and pig out on some wings, pizza and burgers.


The first question for the staff would be, “Do you have Guinness?” Ha ha ha. Joking. I’m just curious about the set-up and operation. I’ve been to Delirium Bar in Brussels which has around 200 taps and it’s insane how the staff has to keep up and search for what you want.

My worry is that there’s so much to choose from that you get overwhelmed. It’s like going through the cable line-up and not sticking to a station.

My suggestion for the new space is a wheel of indecision like at Bukowski Tavern in Boston. You spin a wheel and you have to drink whatever comes up.

I’m planning on getting there as fast as humanly possible. I got a free Hotels.com night to use and looks like I’m driving down to Raleigh so I can give you a full report.

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