Consider This — Breath Strips and Powder Mouth Wash

mouthwashI know when I travel, I want to continue doing simple routines I do at home. Dental hygiene shouldn’t be sacrificed just because you’re busy on your journey.

Fresh breath is the finishing touch to your hygiene routines. You’re not being fresh for  your traveling mate, new friends or work associates, you’re doing for your confidence and mental welfare. Fresh breathe = fresh mind. The more you know … *shooting star*.

Then there’s the long haul flights. I’m talking the 8+ hours crossing continents. Sure, you can take a few Ambiens, knock yourself and wake-up feeling like a pile used tissues.

listerineI can’t sleep on planes even when I have the first class pods. When I’m feeling a little agitated, I head to the toilet with the amenities kit to brush and a packet of SmartMouth Travel Pack. It’s a powder you add to water or pour directly in your mouth.

The other is the Listerine breath strips, probably the greatest invention to oral hygiene since those red tablets you got in grade school that show if you have plague on your gums. You can shove one in that little fifth pocket on your jeans and be on your way.

Just skip the travel size liquid bottles of mouth wash. They take up to much room and can leak in your dop kit.

I say this knowing the gauntlet you have to go throw during your TSA screening. So far, both these products have been safe, but I anticipate the day where some agent gives me a cavity search for a .5 oz packet. “Sir, what you’re going to do for me is step aside. We found a suspicious powder on you so we’re going to have to drop a digit in your anus.”

The things I do for fresh breath.

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