My Favorite Pub in Edinburgh — The Cask & Barrel


It’s a couple of more weeks until the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and you’ll need a place to kill a couple of brain cells between events. Luckily for attendees, there are plenty of places in the city to do so to suit your booze needs.

Obviously, Edinburgh is the epicenter for fine scotch from every region. If you want to prolong your liquid intake, you can get UK cask ales.

The Cask & Barrel at 115 Broughton Street can satisfy all palates. I took a look at the cask and scotch list and could only say, “Yes, please!”


As you can see, the interior is what you expect in an old school Scottish pub — pictures of random old people, 19th century signage and creaky wood floors. The old guy bartender was a trip and the old guy drinkers were crusty. It’s the perfect late afternoon spot for a little tipple while you decide where to go for dinner.

Like the rest of the UK and Ireland, you throw a caber in any direction and you’ll hit you’ll stereotypical old school pub. What makes The Cask & Barrel a destination is that it’s away from The Royal Mile with their generic pubs geared towards tourists, but within a reasonable 15-minute walk. It’s another reason to love Edinburgh, everything is within walking distance.

Now if you excuse me, all this drink talk is making me thirsty for a dram.

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