Who Are The Dipshits Pointing Laser Pointers At Airplanes?


Today’s travel and aviation news highlighted the scourge of incidents involving pilots reporting laser pointers being shown in their cockpits. On Wednesdays, 11 airlines, which included American Airlines, JetBlue, United, Delta and Republic, reported being flashed by lasers while over New Jersey. The dumbass comment would be, “New Jersey. What do you expect?” My thought was, “Who does this? What’s the entertainment value?” The spirit of Beavis and Butthead is alive and well.

I remember the days when some assclown would use a laser pointer during a movie. Eventually, they would get shouted down or removed from the theaters. Today, the geniuses have moved to airplanes and now the FBI could be paying them a visit.

The FAA reported 3,894 incidents of laser pointer in 2014. That’s insanity. Obviously, it’s dangerous and it could cause eye damage to a pilot, thus forcing a landing. How would like to be on a flight that has to land due to something like this?

Who are these people? Here’s who’s been arrested:

  • Adam Gardenhire, 18, from North Hollywod, CA — After he was arrested, he posted to Facebook: “Twin towers tomorrow… Not looking forward !!!:/ whats poppin though?=)” He got 30 months, what’s poppin’ is his prison cherry. Ohhhhhhhhhh.
  • Glenn Stephen Hansen, 49, from St. Cloud, FL — After he was arrested, he said he suffered from “noise anxiety” and that lasers were a “stress release.” He got six months where I’m sure he got to work on his stress release.
  • Scott Allen Hines, 25, Phoenix — Police reported that the pilots were having headaches due to the lasers being pointed in their face.
  • Rolando Espinoza, 22, and Shannan Winemiller, 21 from Orlando, FL — The two wanted to see how many planes they can hit with their pointers. They weren’t sure if it was illegal. This just in … yeah, it is. Enjoy prison kids!

The list will be certainly grow. While in the joint, I’m sure their fellow inmates will take kindly to them knowing they got time for shining laser pointers at planes. So bad ass.


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