For San Diego’s Comic-Con, the Lines at Donut Bar Will Be Extra Long


It’s that time of the year where geeks, nerds and cosplayers of America decent upon San Diego for Comic-Con. Similar to how the musicians, hipsters and techies invade Austin for SXSW, the city’s locals will have to deal with their city being over run.

The city’s best donut stop, Donut Bar, will see increased business for attendees. Donuts is fuel for them. It goes on their importance list alongside arguing over pop culture, Mountain Dew, complaining and masturbation.

The donuts at Donut Bar will be worth the increased wait. You look at their endless rainbow of colors and flavors and you ask yourself, “Why is that not in my stomach right now? Why am I not shoving that into my face?” Add bacon into that scenario and you’ll need a mop to clean up your drool.

Located in downtown San Diego, it’s a 20-minute walk from the Convention Center. Along with the best beer scene in California, amazing fish tacos, the zoo and sunshine all year long and this donut shop, San Diego is a classy town as a famed newscaster stated.

That’s peanut butter and chocolate below. It’s so good I wanted to shove it down my pants.




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