This Proposed Airline Seating Layout Was Created By Crazy People


We’re getting wider, seats are getting smaller and people are flying more than ever before. Leg and arm room is key to the comfort of your flight. That, and no crying kids, no crazy people and no emergency landings into the Hudson River.

In steps in Zodiac Aerospace, an airplane supplier company, is proposing the above configuration. The middle seat will face the opposite direction from the aisle and window.


The claim: “to increase cabin density while also creating seat units that increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area.” Great, instead of fighting over the armrests you can make awkward eye contact for five hours. You can fully imagine stabbing the person who’s being annoying.

My question is how people get in and out of the seats. The flight staff will have a heck of time passing your drink to you.

Yup, it’s terrible idea that some body took time to design, and got paid for it.

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