You Don’t Need This — Big Bulky Headphones by Beats

beats-solo-2You spend $300-$450 on those Beats by Dre headphones so you can listen to music and turn out the outside world when flying. The problem is that those high-end headphones and the lesser brands don’t pack well.

More than likely, if you pack them in your carry-on they will break. Thus, you wear them around your neck through the airport making you a douche.

Beats by Dre is a billion-dollar product that has become a status symbol. It says, “I care about my shitty music so much I’m paying hundreds of dollars to listen to it because I believe in quality” or “I’m a brand whore.” A quick search will tell you that the experts say you are wrong. These headphone suck from an audio stand point and from a construction stand point. They are designed to break so you buy them again. I had Beat By Dre earbuds ($100 a pop) and they broke six months later. At least they weren’t stolen, which is another likely outcome.

I understand about having tune out outside distractions, especially at busy airports. When you have your headphones around your neck at check-in and security, you’re just making more of a hassle for yourself. Even worse, if you have your headphones on, you can’t sit still for 15 minutes.

If your Beats or bulky headphone break on you, you only have yourself to blame. The solution, earbuds that you can ball up in your pocket or learn to live without music.

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