Nuts and Crackers Lands a Flight From Rome to Chicago Because They Are Damn Tasty

nuts and crackersWhat you see in the picture is what caused a United Airlines flight from Rome to Chicago to be diverted to Belfast. I would think watching a movie starring a Hemsworth would be cause enough for dumping fuel for an emergency landing, but it was snacks.

The story revolves around an unstable passenger who clearly should not have been traveling. American and Italian citizen Jeremiah Mathias Thede was arrested in Belfast for  endangering the safety of the plane after he became agitated and disorderly shortly after takeoff while the fasten seat belt sign was on. He refused to sit down while he repeatedly yelled to be served nuts and crackers. Yup, nuts and crackers, a meal fit fort a 8-year old or a delusional passenger.

From the BBC report: “The court heard allegations that Mr Thede squared up to cabin crew, blocked aisles, lifted bags in and out of the overhead lockers, kept going to the toilet and acted in such a way that other passengers felt threatened.”

I guess locking him in the toilet or using the Vulcan neck pinch was out of the question.

The other passengers were in Belfast for 22 hours, and had to stay in the airport and sleep on the luggage conveyor belts for their flight back to Chi-town. That actually sounds a little fun. I’ve been to George Best airport, it’s not so bad, small and quaint.

Several lessons from this: if you are mentally unstable, don’t get on an airplane. If you feel you are, take some TylenolPM, it will knock you out for a few hours.  If that doesn’t work, a dopey RomCom from your on board entertainment will suffice.

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