Athens May Be In Crisis, But They Can Get a Great Coffee and Cocktail at Tailor Made

tailor-made1Bankruptcy. Bail-out. Banks closed. Broken deadlines. Kinda makes you want to drink, right? Baristas and bartenders to the rescue!

There’s a place in Athens, Greece where you can try to understand the financial crisis over a flat white or cappuccino in the morning and then drink your troubles away at night.

Tailor Made micro-roaster and cocktail bar in the Monastiraki section is a celebration of libations. From the fanatical love of making the perfect espresso drink to making a custom-made cocktail to your taste, the joint lives up its name.

Yup, while they have a cocktail menu, you can ask for something with a few flavors in mind. I went with espresso liquor and cinnamon and the guy made something dynamite. The next day, a Kyoto iced coffee helped my hang over.

You can buy their beans as well to take home. I wish I could find my picture, but the bag I bought had a picture of Darth Vader in a pink dress.



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