At Wimbledon, You Can Drink Pimm’s Cocktails, Eat Strawberries & Cream and Maybe Watch Tennis



You want that in your face, right? Get thee to the All-England Club in London, where Wimbledon is currently in its first week. Grab one, or in my case when I visited, two or three and enjoy a lovely summer afternoon among a bunch of pasty Brits in bad hats.

How to order one is simple. There are many stands of young men and women where they will gladly pour the cream right in front of you. In your mind, it happens sensually in slow motion.

142,000 servings are consumed during the two weeks. The cows in England must word overtime.

pimms-cocktailThen the other tradition at AELTC is the almighty Pimm’s No. 1 Cup. It’s my favorite summertime cocktail. The best thing is that it’s not high in alcohol while being refreshing. I downed a few pints during the Oxford v. Cambridge race in April, and it just makes you pee a lot.

To make it at home is simple:

  • 1.5 oz. of Pimm’s
  • 4.5 oz. of lemonade or ginger ale or both
  • oranges, strawberries, mint
  • cucumber for garnish

While you may indulge in some champagne like the posh people in the VIP section, I say go for the Pimm’s.

A quick side note: there are roped off areas of the grounds for private parties. It was very much like that episode of Extras where Ricky Gervais is separated by David Bowie in the VIP section by a rope even though they are sitting on the same couch.

Getting to Wimbledon is a little bit of a hike from the tube station, Southfields. Just avoid all of the makeshift food stalls and counterfeit merchandise along the way. I was warned about the long queues to get in but the day I went, there were none. You even get a strawberry sticker!

Obviously, you can just enter the club and not have a ticket for Centre Court. The majority watch on big outdoor screens on the big lawn. It’s like a big picnic. I fell asleep during a Venus Williams match and got a wicked sunburn. Don’t do that.

You don’t have to be a tennis fan to enjoy Wimbledon. It’s one of the world sporting events that anyone who’s a sporting fan should attend like Kentucky Derby, Indy 500, World Cup, Super Bowl or the National Spelling Bee.



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