JetBlue Drops Free Checked Bags Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

For us in the Northeast, the free checked bag era is over as popular low-cost airline JetBlue will start charging for checked bags for those who pay the lowest fare. Be prepared to shed a tear when you see Southwest Airlines boasting in the adverts about their free checked bags. It’s just another thing the western United States can hang over us.

You know what that means? Yup, plenty of dopey tourists dragging their crap on planes like Sherpas up Mt. Everest.

The new fees will go along with their new three tier price scheme. Basically, you can choose the lowest fare then pay the bag fee or pay more and get one or two checked bags free.

The reason why the change is easy — JetBlue is an airline that needs to make money to keep stockholders happy. They’ve failed to make profit projections and are trailing competitors in revenue from each seat flown per mile.

I think in most cases when you fly JetBlue, you’re going for a quick weekend jaunt somewhere within two or three hours and don’t need to bring your whole life with you.

No word on how much the airlines will charge. Competitor Virgin America charges $25 per checked bag so I’m speculating that it will be near to that.

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