At Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, You Can Enter A Climate Simulator


If you can tear yourself away from the aquavit and gravlax in duty-free, you can simulate the weather at your destination at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. I’m still waiting for an airport to simulate a working motion sensor bathroom faucet.

There’s are three doors marked hot, cold and big, which should also be rooms at the VIP rooms at strip clubs. Hey now!

The rooms are connected to the weather forecasts around the world. Inside are heaters, air conditioners, fans, water misters and audio/visual guides to simulate the climate.

This makes perfect sense when you arrive at the airport with your packed bags. You go inside the simulator only to discover that Hong Kong has 100% humidity with temperatures in the mid-90s and you packed your heavy wool coat and chunky sweaters.

As the video demonstrates, “it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before,” unless you’ve never been to a hot or cold room.

You can experience this glory at Terminal 5.

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