My Favorite Bar in Stockholm — Pet Sounds Bar

pet sounds bar2

Pet Sounds Bar in the Södermalm district is the type of bar where you visit and you want to move to Stockholm just so that you can be a regular. It’s the indie rock bar/venue where you can hear 70s soul/funk one night, then the next night 60s girl group upstairs and 80s BritPop downstairs. On top of all that, they make a damn, fine dark and stormy.

You can walk around the place and admire the vintage vinyl strewn along the walls. It’s like a TGIFridays decor for the rare vintage record collector set. You’ll see Front 242 next to Wanda Jackson.

Speaking of records, the bar is across the street from Pet Sounds Records, the best music store in town. Pay a visit and you might discover the next best indie rock band out of Sweden. Just save your ABBA jokes at the door.

As you might have guessed, the Söder is the hipster area of Stockholm, filled with vintage stores, laid-back cafes, clothing stores selling expensive skinny jeans and other fun bars/club. Marie Laveau, that doubled as a nightclub and art space, was another fun bar that visited multiple times that was near my hotel. Just go not on a Friday or Saturday night or during the day.


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