Bill Burr On The Singing Lion King Cast at LaGuardia, Shut the F*ck Up … And I Agree

Bill Burr - Fillmore DVD ShootIt has to be said. STFU.

It popped up on my Facebook feed and trending stories multiple times. The traveling cast of The Lion King and Aladdin got delayed at LaGuardia Airport, so they broke out into song.

Listening to the Bill Burr Podcast, he expresses what deep down inside what I felt.

“Imagine this. You’re at the fucking airport. Your flight is delayed six hours and for some reason, the cast of The Lion King and Aladdin is there. Like this is suppose to be heart-warming. They started singing the fucking songs. Imagine you’re sitting delayed at a fucking airport and some douche starts singing this … Oh, my God. Will you shut the fuck up? You’re making it worse.”

He goes onto explain that most people hate Broadway shows. Yup, I’m included.

If I posted these thoughts on my FB feed, I would have been called a grinch and bad sport. Thank you, Bill Burr. I feel free to rant as well.

If I was at LaGuardia, a hell hole of an airport that has no trains going in or out, and the cast of the Lion King started singing “The Circle of Life,” I probably would have hid in the toilet with my laptop where I can watch Breaking Bad again (which Burr was on). I wouldn’t have the balls to yell, “Shut the fuck up. That song sucks,” so that it could be part of the YouTube clip. I probably wouldn’t have been extradited from the U.S. and put on the no fly list.

Broadway musicals. Not a fan. The Lion King and Aladdin. No kids of my own so I haven’t seen it since it came out in the 90s. Disney Broadway shows are just rehashes of what you’ve already seen and then buy more merch afterwards.

Airport delays. I have my laptop, phone, book or iPod. I’m covered. Don’t need singing of any kind to pass the time. If you have kids and you’re delayed at the airport, just give them your phone to play Candy Crush. They will be entertained for hours.

Yup, welcome to the clickbait world we live in.

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